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Get Prompt Remediation of Mold Damage in Your Newark Residence

10/28/2021 (Permalink)

hand peeling wallpaper back revealing mold Undiscovered water damage can cause mold to grow in hidden places - like behind wallpaper.

SERVPRO is the Right Company to Hire for Mold Damage Remediation in Your Newark Home

Mold growth can occur because of hidden water damage. For example, the adhesive that joins your home's concrete slab to the floor might not have cured correctly because of dampness in the slab. Likewise, if the air has high humidity and your home's interior is covered with vinyl wallpaper, mold can develop on the back of the wallpaper.

Having the right solution for the mold damage in your Newark residence is essential. SERVPRO's mold specialists can assess the destruction to come up with the best treatment. We know that mold remediation happens after managing condensation properly. The dew point directly affects condensation. Therefore, our SERVPRO team analyzes the dew point to determine if it is higher than the surface temperature of cooler objects. If the dew point is higher, we can know that the moisture can condense on colder surfaces.

If we examine the dew point in your home and find out that it is high, we can determine why this is the case. Our team can fix the high dew point to reduce mold resurfacing after completing the cleanup work. Our SERVPRO professionals can take several steps to remediate mold. They include: 

  • Containment – This involves sealing off the areas with the mold infestation to prevent it from getting into other areas of your home. We also shut off fans, heaters, and cooling systems in the house. 
  • Air filtration – We can put HEPA filters into your residence's HVAC unit to remove active spores from your home, which helps prevent the spores from remaining in the house and transforming into fungi. 
  • Clean-up – We can use antimicrobial substances to remove the existing mold colonies. 
  • Removal and replacement of organic materials that mold has deeply infested. 

After the remediation process, cleaning curtains, furniture, and clothes may be necessary, among other items. If foul odors are present, Our SERVPRO technicians can use fogging equipment to deodorize your home.

Should you have a mold situation in your home, call SERVPRO of Newark, Southwest Fremont, at (510) 737-8793. We can remediate the mold so that your home is safe for inhabitation.

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