What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

Storm water came into our attic where we store pictures, old school projects and other odds and ends.  Aside from having to deal with the insulation issue, I wasn’t sure of the other stuff. Your team at SERVPRO helped me sort it all out and we saved most of it.  Thank you!

We had just moved into our new home, when a severe storm pointed out its weaknesses.  One call to SERVPRO and a whole crew was looking at the damage and helping us fix it all. Thank you for walking us through every step of the process.

Thank you SERVPRO for helping us with restoring our sunroom.  It is our favorite room in the house and you had it dry and ready very quickly.  We really appreciate your prompt response in such a busy time.

We knew our French doors needed to be replaced, but when the storm blew through them it was game over.  Thank you SERVPRO for helping us clean the damage and setting up barriers so the rest of the house wouldn’t suffer.

Our bonus room is rarely used so it had been a few weeks since the leak had started.  We worried about the germs outside water could bring into our home.  SERVPRO helped us dry and sanitize the room and even inspected the rest of the house just in case.  Very thorough.

The storm made water rise and flood the entrance room into our home.  My grown kids and I tried to get rid of all the water, but it was clear that the drywall and carpet needed help.  One of my kids suggested we call you guys and now I know we made the right decision.