What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

I can’t thank SERVPRO enough for their help at my elderly parents’ home.  They are not easy to deal with, but the staff handled them beautifully.  Their home was back in order in no time at all.

I travel most weeks for work, so arriving to find a soaking wet living room was not pleasant.  I only had a couple of days to sort things out before my next trip, so I entrusted SERVPRO technicians to take over.  They were true to their word and my house was back to normal before I returned from my next trip.

The water heater broke and we didn’t realize it until the water had seeped into the hallway carpet.  We tried to dry it, but after a few days we realized it was still wet and starting to smell.  SERVPRO came in, cleaned it and dried it and now it looks like new.

A leaky bathtub surprised us and we didn’t know how bad the damage was.  When your team arrived with all its measuring tools and looked into where the water had accumulated, we were able to make an informed decision about next steps.  Without SERVPRO’s help we would have left some problem areas unaddressed.

We made our garage a home office, but had to share it with the washer and dryer.  One day the washer line burst and there was water all over the place including my computer and documents.  I called SERVPRO and they arrived quickly and started working as soon as they got here.  The problem was solved in no time at all.

My kids attempted to create a fish tank (minus the tank) in our living room. Needless to say, their experiment was a disaster and my husband and I thought we had to replace everything from floors to furniture to bookcases.  A colleague at work recommended that we call you guys and we are so glad we did!  A few days later everything was back to normal (except the kids are still grounded!).