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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

SERVPRO is the third company to come through our house promising to fix our recurring mold problem.  However, they are the only one to live up to their promise. We are FINALLY living in a mold-free home.

My mother and I were looking for a service to help us dry and restore old files and photographs.  An internet search suggested SERVPRO as an expert in water restoration, so we gave them a try.  They were transparent about what they could help salvage and how and my mother is thrilled with the results.

We had a small fire at home which we took care of, but the smell of smoke was still there a month later.  A friend suggested your services and I thought it was worth a try.  In just a few days you succeeded where my scented candles, air fresheners and homemade solutions failed.  Now my house smells wonderful again!

I am a hospital administrator and have no time for leisure these days, much less for house repairs.  I first noticed a funky smell before discovering the mold.  I turned my keys over to SERVPRO and the team worked while I was at the hospital.  Every day they shared their progress and I was reassured that hiring them was the best choice I could have made.

I recently had knee surgery and can’t move around very well.  When my kitchen sink leaked through my kitchen and into the dining room, I knew I needed help to dry the floors, walls and furniture.  I am so glad I called the SERVPRO crew.  Nothing like leaving things to the pros.

Time is money in my industry, so calling in the specialists was a no-brainer.  Thank you SERVPRO for having my place up and running in no time at all!